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Kids FitCamps Summer Schedule

Fitness & Fun

Fitness~Speed & Agility~ Balance~Core~Confidence~Fun & Games

Once a week Fusion Class = yoga, boxing, hip-hop dance

Every second week NINJA WARRIOR Camps

Pricing options

$25 drop-in~~$100 Pass of 5~$150 Pass of 10

Dates & Times

~Starting June 4th - Aug 10th

~3rd-9th grade

~Mon-Fri  10-Noon

Ball360 Schedule Youth  Fitness & Athletic Training     

~Mon 5:30pm Cardio Boxing 

~Tue/Wed/Thur 5:30pm Speed & Agility

~Fri 4:00pm & 5:00pm Stretch Dynamics 

~Sat 9:00am Speed & Agility 

~Sun 9:00am Boxing

PAFA Speed & Agility training



PAFA has partnered with BALL4Training, and registered fitness trainer and PAFA coach Todd Love Ball, to offer 2018-registered PAFA tackle players speed and agility classes in June and July at no cost to PAFA families. The program is being offered and designed for PAFA tackle players, and is not open to the public. 

These classes are entirely optional, and designed to give PAFA players an opportunity for some fitness and fun with their PAFA teammates in the off season, preparing them for the season ahead. 


This 8-week class will be offered June 4-July 27, according to the below dates and times by division. No sign up required—just show up ready for fitness and fun with Coach Ball! 

Speed and Agility for PAFA Athletes Free for all 2018 Registered PAFA Tackle Players!

Its PAFA's way of saying we are doing our best to improve our kids football experience!




      1:30-2:30: 10U 2:30-3:30: 11U 


     1:30-2:30: 12U 2:30-3:30: Varsity  


      1:30-2:30: 8U 2:30-3:30: 9U  


      1:30-2:30: 10U 2:30-3:30: 11U 


      1:30-2:30: 12U 2:30-3:30: Varsity 

Come try out one of our classes to see if you like us!

We use mindbody ball4 training app for our digital punch card, and to see how many people come to each class. 

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Our Philosophy is Fitness is love of your body!

We have something for everyone

Our facility is for the whole family! Mom looking to get in shape but don't want to get a membership we can help. Parents looking for a safe and fun environment for your child to get into a healthy lifestyle even if their not in a sport? We can help. Dad looking to go a few rounds with a boxing instructor. We can help. 

Ball 4 training is all about providing a fun atmosphere that everyone in the family can enjoy!


Get a consultation for free so you can feel comfortable with us.

We want you to see our value before you use your hard earned money.

Results are measured in a happier you!

With trainers with years of experience and from all different backgrounds we can help you achieve your goals! We love fitness and life, we want to see you body happy whether it's with us or not. If we can't help we can at least point you to someone who can. 

Ball360 Youth fitness 3rd -9th grades

We call it a workout playground

Speed, agility, body weight strength, hand eye coordination, foot work, most importantly confidence.

Nutritional & Physical education= kids can start learning about a nutritional lifestyle from a young age.

Doing it with buddies makes it exciting

With open times and group sessions kids can enjoy the hard part of fitness because they have their friends.

Its always a good feeling to break a sweat with a familiar face.

Making fitness fun

Having a healthy lifestyle and working out should be fun and the Ball360 program is built to do just that.

We have everything kids need to get fit.


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