Todd Love Ball Jr- co owner

Love is my strongest trait

2017 Grand Prix NPC ROCKFORD physique champion. Overall, group B, best abs winner

-15 years of personal training  (Ballys, Chicago sports club, IHP, Mybody complex, Outdoor bootcamp)

-Specializing in track & field and dance fitness

-Coach Flippin Flyers  (track club)

-2017 NPC physique overall  champion 

-T.L.B Dance fusion 

-mission work in Kenya  (Dreamweaver board member)

Dance is life's cardio

Mission work Kenya 2017-With Edu

Not only will I be trying to bring you a fun and beautiful gym, I look forward to getting my groove on with all of you for T.L.B Dance fusion!!

A world where everyone is fit & happy

1st day of business for the Ball fit family

We just want to see you happy during your fitness journey with us or not! I love hearing about people accomplishing goals! If we can't help, we will recommend a gym or personal that can 

Kasia Ball- co owner

I love doing anything fitness as long as I am with my family

First day as a trainer

I am a mom so I understand what mom's and women in general go through when it comes to fitness. I am here to help you succeed!

Let's talk about your nutrition habits

K&T Fitlove outing

A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet 

Let's hit the squat rack

Work out at the IHP

Ladies don't be afraid of free weights! Let's get toned together 

Dave Patch

Lets make a running program for you!

 -Running is my deepest passion. Weather it's getting a personal record in a 5k to finishing your first marathon, I can provide the skills necessary to succeed.

-Great runners are born in the weight room. The stronger the runner the easier it is to complete any distance.  


 -Nutrition is the difference between first and last place. Fueling your body for endurance sports can be difficult. Let me help you find the high octane diet needed to crush your goals.

-Variety is the spice of life and the key to training. Look to me to provide the variety needed to train hard and never become the "always injured runner" 

Close the deal

 Let me help you find the right schedule to allow you to succeed. As a fellow competitor with a busy lifestyle I can relate not having enough time to train.

My extra time is spent keeping up with my kids(dogs) but I always find time to get in my workout so I can keep with them. 

John Senft

Lets build your fitness program

 John Senft has worked in the sports performance field for eight years. John spent the majority of his time as an athlete in specialty sport programs.  

I am passionate about finding the right program for you!

 John is a certified trainer from the National Academy of Sports Performance. He has a background in Pre/Post Physical Therapy focusing on injury prevention. 

Athlete or Parent I can make a plan for you

 John also has experience playing football at the collegiate level and training athletes from youth to professionals. 

 He is creative with his fitness program design concentrating on each individual to ensure client goals are met. Whether the client has the goal of injury prevention, post therapy, weight loss, or sports performance.  

 Specializes In -Pre/Post Physical Therapy -Sports Performance  -Weight Loss -Endurance  

Tavares Chambliss (Neon Ninja)

Neon Ninja is here to help you flip into to shape

I am all about positive energy and helping people get in shape through laughter sweat & tears.

Confidence is not an image it's a lifestyle

Let's start with just body weight then work our way to blasting that body with the latest training styles.

Life is a party fitness is my sound track

Fitness is just one thing I do to stay fit. Having fun in life and rocking new experiences allows me to understand what can help you get fit and bring joy during the hard part of the journey 

Kristen Gallicho

My passion is to help you & make it fun!

 I have a passion for fitness but even more, having fun with fitness.  I've always been an athlete since being a kid and loved playing on sports teams for soccer, volleyball basketball and running.  I knew going to college that I wanted to find a career that I could remain active, so I pursued a degree in exercise science. 

I understand the life & fitness battle because I am a mom

 You will most often find me and my husband Chris watching our daughter Abby do gymnastics or our son Declan play hockey and baseball.  When I'm not there, I enjoy running with my girlfriend's on the weekends all year round and finding fun races for us to participate in together.  We challenge each other each week with a different running workout or find other classes like Hot Yoga or cycling classes to try together.  I love all aspects of fitness and making sure it's a priority each week. 

Friendship is just a perk of my work

 I've been teaching classes for almost 20 years and this is by far my favorite part of my job.   I love teaching a variety of styles including Spinning, Cardio Kickboxing, Strength, HIIT and Flexibility.  My motto's are "Variety is the spice of life" and "I always want you to leave a class feeling better than when you arrived!"  I do also enjoy the one on one aspect of Personal training as well and seeing my clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be.   

Alison Shariatzadeh

Lets push your limits while sweating, laughing and dancing


I enjoy fitness and believe that exercise is a key component of living a healthy and balanced life. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology which gives me insight in helping my clients to identify their goals and engage in behaviors that will help them reach those goals

Lets PiYo


Piyo Description: 

Piyo is a low impact, high intensity, body transforming workout that uses the most effective Pilates and Yoga moves to sculpt long, lean muscles and burn fat.  The fluid movements keep you in constant motion to give you a dynamic cardio workout while building strength and increasing flexibility.   Bringing a mat is recommended. 

I want to help you make a change


I am dedicated to providing high quality personal and group training to individuals of all fitness levels.  I tailor each session and class to the needs of the individual and motivate them to move past their comfort zone to reach their health and fitness goals.