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Ball4 Classes

B4 Bootcamp


High intensity circuit training with a mix of body weight strength, dumbbells, and cardio dynamics. Push yourself in a fun group atmosphere!


B4 cardio boxing


Boxing is one of the best cardio workouts! Combination of core, shoulders, arms all while keeping the heart rate up and burning calories. Come release some stress and burn calories at the same time!

Days offered:



Price:  $20 (per class)

Dave's Runner Bootcamp




Hot mix of Yoga & Pilates with an infusion of cardio and dance

Days offered:



Fit Mamma bootcamp


Mom's with young kids never get a chance to workout, well this class is design to give moms a full body workout with their kids right there with them

B4 Running Fusion (cost vary by class time and instructor)

Track meet finals

This class is designed for those of us that just love running! Long distance or sprint work, Running Fusion is mixing strength workouts designed for runners and fun innovative running circuits. Going from a mile run into the gym for core work  and strength, what a great way to get in shape or train for a 5k 

Personal training (prices vary by trainer)


Like the classes but need something a little bit more specific to your needs? Want to get a good workout but don't like groups? Need one on one? We have certified and insured personal trainers to assist you.



Love to ride your bike? Want to burn calories pushing yourself to the limit in spin? This is the class for you.

Home Schooling Fitness 101

A great fun safe environment for kids to get out of the home and enjoy activity

We do a little bit of everything, body weight strength, ropes, ladders, plyometric work all set to fun music for the kids.

Moms & Dads hang out while your kids workout

With a studio that will have classes you can grab a workout while your there. Or we have a nice welcoming area you can watch a little TV or do some work.

Come try it out

We want you and your children to feel comfortable first, come and see our facility.

Then its 15$ per class per kid.